This follow-up study was conducted to understand customers’ long term reaction to a philanthropic pilot program offered in September of 2014 across several markets. When trading in a mobile device, customers could opt to participate in a donation program where a portion of the trade-in value would benefit a specific local charity. Insights gained detailed what customers thought of the charitable program and how this impacted their opinion of the company offering the opportunity to participate. By comparing the results of this wave to the previous wave of the same charitable program, the client was able to establish the impact of the charitable program on the brand.

service: Quantitative
completion date: April 2015

the approach: Market in View used a combination of telephone and online surveys to evaluate the residual impression the charitable program left on customers and overall satisfaction with the offering company. A select number of customers visiting the retail location and purchasing a new mobile device during the pilot program were interviewed eight months after the pilot to evaluate their recollection of the program, determine if their long term satisfaction with the company has been effected, and their interest in participating in a similar charitable program in the future.
the results: By capturing and analyzing the opinions and perceptions of the customers making a purchase during the pilot program, Market in View was able to compare results to both a control group not in a pilot market and to the study held the previous year. Insights were gained into the impact of the philanthropic event on the brand, and the client has a tracking record of customer opinions to use in evaluating future plans for the charitable trade-in program.