Market in View conducted this quantitative research study for the manufacturer of a construction product to better understand overall performance of the manufacturer, their distributors and identify improvement initiatives. By surveying local contractors in 24 markets within North America, insights were gained, not only about the client and their distributors, but also about competing manufacturers and their associated distributors. Analysis was conducted on the manufacturer’s distributors with market-level detail for each geography, culminating with reporting at the national level, highlighting overall performance for the manufacturer.

service: Quantitative
completion date: October 2016

the approach: Market in View provided the transition to online and semi-automated data gathering and analysis for the client. Participating contractors were able to select either an online or phone survey. By enhancing the client’s prior research methods, real time field tracking of the project was available, offering immediate insights for the manufacturer. Distributor analysis was available shortly after fielding was completed in a given market.
the results: By analyzing data from contractors who install products from multiple manufacturers, the client gained valuable insight regarding their performance relative to their competition. Analysis from Market in View detailed the contractor’s level of satisfaction with performance and pricing, perceptions of service-related and personal-related attributes, and identified potential improvement opportunities for the client and their distributors. With a national report and 32 manufacturer distributor reports, the client has a complete data driven market place view of their performance to assist in business planning efforts.