Market in View fielded this in-person, data network evaluation study among over 170 tech-savvy business and consumer respondents within a one week period. This study measured awareness and perception of various levels of data network speeds as well as key attribute ratings of potential network features with the use of unique video simulation technology.

service: Quantitative
completion date: May 2011

the approach: This study measured awareness, both unaided and aided, of different network speeds among over 170 respondents in a classroom-type setting. This unique study illustrated real-time video simulations of the different data networks to assess consumer and business perceptions of video quality and speed. Each respondent viewed the simulation on their own work stations, allowing a real-life experience of the features and network impact on quality and performance. Respondents provided feedback via an online survey immediately after each simulation for spontaneous capture of reactions. The in-person venue also allowed for complete security of the content being tested.
the results: Market in View captured and compared awareness and perception data for distinctly different data networks, measuring performance vs. expectations, and more importantly potential purchase intent of devices running on these different networks. Market in View was also able to prioritize and compare interest and ratings for additional value-added data network features to provide specific direction into strategies for network packages that are most important to a customer and the willingness to pay extra for the features.