Market in View performed quantitative research to assess market perceptions regarding an aviation weather service as well as evaluate price and potential feature options for product concepts under consideration by the provider. By analyzing responses from active, general aviation pilots, an understanding of critical weather features for this segment of the aviation market was gained. Price point and the feature mix needed to maximize subscribers and revenue were identified.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2016

the approach: Market in View conducted an online survey of active pilots regarding the weather service they most often use when piloting general aviation planes. By identifying their satisfaction and the perceived value with their current service, key strengths and opportunities related to weather service were identified. A series of three different portfolios consisting of five feature packages were analyzed by user segments to reveal the optimum package that would appeal to the most pilots, offer features considered vital for aviation, and use the most preferred technology applications. Purchase intenders and barriers to purchase were identified, allowing the client to proceed with confidence in their product offering.
the results: Analysis revealed the most preferred package for its value and weather feature mix. Additionally, Market in View provided insights on pilots’ use and preference concerning a specific software application used in conjunction with their equipment. The offering company received clear evidence of future interest regarding their product concepts.