Market in View conducted a quantitative research study for a Music for Business (MFB) service provider to explore how business to business customers utilize music to enhance the environment within their businesses. In doing so, customer needs and product performance were assessed across the competitive marketplace. By analyzing attribute priorities, feature performance, and operational preferences, Market in View identified the key drivers for churn.


service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2018


the approach: Using an online quantitative survey, Market in View determined overall service satisfaction across various business sizes and industry verticals. By comparing MFB awareness versus service use, insights were gained for future marketing strategies. The study also identified the most and least important features, specific channel and music choices, portal vs. web usability, and hardware and software preferences.
the results: MFB strengths and dissatisfaction drivers were identified by comparing perceived value with other service perceptions. Market in View also analyzed Net Promoter Score (NPS) to highlight the positive attributes of the service and pinpoint dissatisfaction drivers. A customer life cycle was developed to better understand customer choices, reduce future churn, and guide next generation strategies.