This online research study was conducted to understand customers’ reaction to a philanthropic pilot program being held in four markets. When trading in a mobile device, customers could opt to participate in a donation program where a portion of the trade-in value would benefit a specific local charity. Market in View was challenged with determining the impact the charitable program has on the customer’s opinion of the company offering the opportunity to participate. Insights gained detailed what customers thought of the charitable program, how this impacted their opinion of the company, their reasons for participating or not, and how relevant the particular charity was to their level of interest.

service: Quantitative
completion date: September 2014

the approach: Market in View evaluated numerous attributes surrounding the decision to participate or not and what impact that decision had on the customer’s impression of the company and overall satisfaction with the company. Customers visiting the retail location and purchasing a new mobile device during the pilot program were surveyed to evaluate their awareness and understanding of both the trade-in program and the charitable contribution.
the results: By capturing and analyzing the opinions and perceptions of the customers making a purchase during the pilot program, Market in View was able to compare results to a control group not in a pilot market. Insights were then gained into the impact of the philanthropic event to the brand. Market in View determined the quantitative positive impact the donation has on customer’s opinions of the company.