This quantitative, online study surveyed consumers who have recently purchased a mobile device. Market in View analyzed their satisfaction level for a matrix of devices to understand how their desired experience for initial use with the device differed from their actual experience. The specific type of previously owned device and the corresponding new device were both taken into consideration. By understanding the customer’s expectations, their interaction with the sales representative, and their actual initial experience, recommendations were provided to the client that would increase the customer’s satisfaction with the transition to using a new device.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2013

the approach: Market in View was able to successfully understand the gap between expectations and reality regarding the initial use of a device. Participants ranked multiple parameters associated with the start-up of a device. This knowledge, combined with how and what the consumer intends to use on their new device, led to insights into the overall experience. An understanding of the resources that consumers accessed to aid in their initial use led to revelations on the specific role a sales representative should play in the transition to a new device.
the results: The history of the previous device type used, the expectations, and actual experience of the initial use were all analyzed for level of satisfaction. Specific issues in the start-up process of a device were revealed. Improvements were identified that highlighted the device types with the most challenges for consumers. Market in View was able to provide recommendations that addressed resolving consumer frustrations with the transition from one device type to a new device type.