This quantitative, online research study evaluated market perceptions of active boaters concerning their weather service subscription. By understanding the weather service offered by competitors in the marine industry, strengths and potential opportunities for the client were identified. Insights gained from boaters identified weather features considered critical for safe boating, as well as, weather features deemed unnecessary. In depth analysis on product concepts revealed the combination of price point and feature mix that would maximize subscribers and revenue for each market.

service: Quantitative
completion date: April 2016

the approach: Market in View conducted an online survey of captains and navigators regarding the weather service they most often use when boating. By comparing value perceptions and the level of satisfaction for multiple weather services, pros and cons for the client’s service were identified. Two product portfolios were analyzed with varying price points among multiple packages to reveal the ultimate combination of price and features for the client’s product offering. Additional in depth analysis covered topics of special interest on weather equipment preferences and a package available for the fishing enthusiast.
the results: Analysis revealed the package most preferred by boaters for value and weather feature mix. Clear recommendations were provided with details reflecting the interest generated by segment and the overall effect on market share for the client.