Market in View examined the satisfaction of those who currently own and use a mobile hotspot. Four models were evaluated for a range of attributes, including the motivators for purchase, likes and dislikes, frequency of usage, and the likelihood to continue usage. In depth analysis of the customer feedback led to clearly identifying the unit with the highest satisfaction and performance ratings. With an understanding of the reasons for the success of the highest rated model, recommendations concerning all units were developed.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2014

the approach: Customers who are regularly using their hotspot were surveyed to better understand their purchase decision, usage, and level of satisfaction and intended future usage. After a comparison of four models, a clear leader was identified. A profile of customers who purchase the various models was identified. Analysis of the customer’s current and intended future use revealed insights on anticipated demand for the models. Year over year data trends of the units provided additional insights into the device satisfaction.
the results: Measuring the opinions and perceptions of device users, insights were gained on usage profiles and the purchase motivators. The client has used this valuable feedback to guide them in their product offering decisions.