This quantitative, online study evaluated the satisfaction of consumers who subscribe to an optional music service. Market in View analyzed the user’s initial awareness, sign-up experience, usage and satisfaction with performance, including issues leading to limited or discontinued use. By measuring performance satisfaction and opinion of the services, valuable insights were gained on current perceptions for three segments of users.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2014

the approach: Market in View surveyed music service subscribers with focus on three subgroups. Subgroups, including users participating in a free trial, were identified based on their current level of activity with the service. In-depth analysis comparing the subgroups highlighted the positive experiences, areas in need of improvement, and reasons for cancelling the service.
the results: By tracking consumer satisfaction and comparing results of the subgroups, insights were gained and answers to specific client concerns were provided. Market in View was able to identify key areas of the initial sign up process that needed improvement. With a profile of the customer and their level of satisfaction, the provider had the knowledge to better tailor the service for increased satisfaction and willingness to recommend.