This quantitative, online study compares consumers, who recently participated in an optional program during the purchase process of a product, with a control group of respondents who did not participate. Market in View analyzed key decision drivers for consumers’ reasons to participate, their current level of satisfaction, intentions to continue and willingness to recommend the program. By analyzing the reaction to the program, insights are gained concerning areas of improvement for this newly introduced program and market predictions for program demand.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2014

the approach: Based on the customer-provided data base, Market in View surveyed the opt-in program participants and also those who did not opt-in. In-depth analysis highlighted attitudes, program satisfaction, intentions to continue and willingness to recommend.
the results: By studying consumer satisfaction and comparing results to a control group, insights were gained concerning the overall health of the program. This satisfaction analysis has allowed the program provider to address areas of concern quickly and reposition this new program in the company portfolio of program offerings.