This quantitative, online study evaluated the satisfaction of consumers who subscribe to an optional service. Market in View analyzed the user’s current experience to understand the performance of the service versus user expectations. By measuring performance satisfaction and opinion of the services, valuable insights were gained on current perceptions, interest in potential enhancements, and willingness to recommend the service.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2014

the approach: Based on the customer provided data base, Market in View surveyed the service subscribers, with focus on two subgroups of users. In-depth analysis comparing the subgroups highlighted differences in user needs, current program satisfaction, interest in expanded service options, and willingness to recommend.
the results: By tracking consumer satisfaction and comparing results of the subgroups, insights were gleaned concerning the overall effectiveness of the service and identifying areas where improvements are needed. The service provider gained clear evidence of the customer demographic with interest in future feature additions, and supporting reasons, allowing the provider to better tailor their portfolio of offerings to serve their customer.