This two phase device evaluation study measured the interest and purchase intent of a laser projection keyboard intended for use as an accessory with smartphone and mobile computing devices. Two different models of this new technology were measured for preference. Valuable insights were gained and recommendations were made concerning the adoption of this laser projection keyboard into the profile of accessory offerings.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: December 2012

the approach: For the first phase of this study, Market in View recruited small groups of consumers to participate in a combination of events, including a hands-on evaluation of each model, one-on-one interviews and a computer based survey. By providing hands-on experience followed immediately by in-person qualitative interviews, insights were gained on the perceptions of the usefulness of the two models and the distinguishing advantages and disadvantages of each. In the second phase, Market in View conducted an online quantitative survey, across a nationally representative mix of participants, with a video demonstration of the two product models, to measure market interest in the laser projection keyboard and the viability for mainstream market adoption.
the results: Through the two phases of data gathering and in-depth analysis, the market potential for the laser projection keyboard was identified, along with reactions to the two different device models. A clear preference for one of the models was identified, together with price point considerations. Based on both the quantitative and qualitative analyses, Market in View presented data and recommendations that provided guidance concerning the addition of this device into the product portfolio.