This quantitative, online study surveyed 1800 tablet owners regarding their recent purchase of a specific tablet brand. Market in View analyzed key decision drivers in order to understand the consumer’s reasons to purchase or not purchase the promotional data plan that was offered with the tablet. Further investigation on the consumer’s intentions to renew or upgrade their data plan at the end of the introductory promotional offer provided market predictions for data plan demand. Recommendations were provided giving guidance on the decision to expand this promotional data plan offer.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2013

the approach: Shortly after product launch, Market in View conducted an online survey of customers who recently purchased a specific tablet computer and their decision concerning the promotional data plan that was offered. To understand the impact that the promotional data plan had on the purchase of either a Wi-Fi only model or 4G data enabled model, Market in View evaluated numerous key decision drivers along with usage and attitudes for both the device and the data plan. By analyzing the consumer’s current and proposed future data usage, insights regarding future intentions and anticipated demand were gained.
the results: By capturing and measuring the opinions and perceptions of these tablet owners, insights were gained regarding all aspects of this launch and the intricate relationship between the tablet, the service provider and the network. Market in View determined the impact of the promotional plan offering on the device purchase and provided recommendations for the client’s potential expansion of this offer. The data plan intentions after the promotion ends were analyzed to provide a clear picture of future market conditions.