Market in View has completed three consecutive months of an quantitative research study for a video streaming service Beta app. Impact of Beta app upgrades are continually assessed by tracking satisfaction over time.  Beta app performance was also measured against previous version of the app as well as competitive apps. Consumer perception and potential product barriers have also been identified.


service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2018


the approach: Market in View gauged satisfaction, attitudes and perceptions, performance, feature importance, issues, and potential use with an online quantitative survey. Each month, a selection of ad-hoc questions are customized based on previous month’s learnings to optimize insights, while keeping the core tracking questions constant for trending.
the results: With performance and satisfaction tracking, Market in View has identified the impact of key changes within the Beta app. Results have also been used to drive technical improvement and improve end-user perceptions. Specific issues within the Beta app have been discovered, explored, and communicated to the development team.