This is the second wave of a quantitative research study, which will be continued on a quarterly basis in 2018, regarding a video on demand (VOD) service versus competitor VOD services. Tracking and analyzing responses from current consumers in addition to customers not currently using the service led to an understanding of customer traits and VOD trends.


service: Quantitative
completion date: December 2017


the approach: With over 2,500 consumers surveyed, Market in View was able to analyze the profile attributes of three types of consumers: current, potential, and rejectors of VOD. By identifying current customers’ satisfaction with the service, key strengths and traits of positive user experience were understood. Competitor opportunity analysis revealed benefits and barriers to purchase, giving important insights for product improvements.
the results: Analysis revealed the greatest strengths of the VOD service and the perceived user value of the product based upon competitor comparison. Additionally, Market in View provided details for consumer conversion opportunities and the elimination of barriers based upon specific usage groups. Insights regarding potential product innovations were identified and will be tracked over time.