Market in View performed a multifaceted study to understand the general perceptions and churn drivers for an automatic paper towel dispenser. By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, insights were gained on the behaviors and attitudes of customers who have or may be considering churning as well as the overall life cycle of the product from original purchase drivers to product experience to dissatisfaction drivers. Key actions were recommended to reduce churn and potential churn from the product. Specific brand attributes that distinguish the brand from the competition were defined for future marketing efforts.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2016

the approach: Market in View conducted over 40 in-depth telephone interviews with those who recently churned or were considering a change in their brand of automatic paper towel dispenser, revealing patterns among customers regarding product reliability concerns and price perceptions. By including various national brands, in addition to the client’s specific brand, key marketplace insights were gained. By implementing a second phase of online quantitative research, the churn life cycle for this product was clearly identified.
the results: By comparing customer expectations with actual product experience, each segment of the churn life cycle for this dispenser was identified, including: warning signs that churn is a consideration, the main reasons to churn, and the timeframe associated with the decision to churn. Recommendations that will reduce churn addressed each of these areas, along with highlighting the positive attributes of the brand resulting in a marketplace messaging opportunity for the client.