Market in View investigated the reasons why customers did or did not use a specific application available for transferring content between devices. An understanding of the user experience was gained by analyzing consumer decisions to use or not use the application as well as investigating why some abandoned use after beginning a transfer. Key benefits, barriers to use, and problems experienced with the application were identified.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2015

the approach: Market in View analyzed three types of users based on their level of success with the app. Consumer attitudes and clear understandings of the pros and cons for this application were revealed for application users, those who attempted use but were not successful, and non-users. Motivations, barriers to use, and OS specific problems with the application were identified.
the results: Market in View provided recommendations based on the three classes of users and their success or frustration with the content transfer application as it applied to the device OS. Recommendations highlighted the need for increased awareness of the app’s availability and clearly identified necessary improvements for the app’s success.