Market in View conducted a second wave, online quantitative study with seniors and caregivers to better understand brand awareness for senior care facilities in their area, the most important characteristics to consider in senior living and how long term living decisions are ultimately made. Data was collected in seven geographic target markets and a detailed analysis covered all aspects from awareness to the final decision for accommodations.

service: Quantitative
completion date: April 2015

the approach: Market in View interviewed a mix of respondents in multiple target markets. These respondents included current residents in senior care facilities, those considering such a move, and those involved in the decision process on behalf of a senior. By understanding the process from initial research to the final decision, insights were gained about the knowledge respondents held of the various options available and the levels of care each option provides, as well as attitudes and perceptions of features and amenities.
the results: By analyzing current data and comparing it to the previous wave of the study, the client’s growing reputation in the marketplace is became evident. With the understanding of the marketplace, current attitudes of those involved in senior care decisions and the client’s brand awareness, Market in View identified both concerns the brand faces and potential opportunities for the brand.