Market in View conducted an online quantitative study to evaluate the awareness, usage and appeal of a “convenience” feature among users of two senior targeted cell phone devices. This study helped understand the value of this feature, whether it was a purchase driver and how it may impact future cell phone purchase behavior, specifically migrating to a senior-friendly Smartphone

service: Quantitative
completion date: September 2011

the approach: This study was conducted among an elderly consumer group that uses one of two targeted standard cell phone devices to determine the impact of this “convenience” feature. Awareness, usage, appeal and value were evaluated among this specific group to better understand how this feature affected their decision to purchase this specific device model and ultimately how to effectively migrate seniors from a standard device to a Smartphone. This study allowed us to determine whether this feature will affect any barriers to entry for the senior segment when considering an upgrade moving forward and drive client strategy to developing a senior-friendly Smartphone.
the results: We were able to quantify how this feature being integrated into a Smartphone would impact upgrade intent for these standard cell phone users in the future. By comparing perceptions and purchase behavior of those that are likely to consider a Smartphone and those that are not, allowed the client to better understand the upgrade path for both of these groups and the challenge for marketing a higher tiered product to these standard users. Understanding these perceptions and this segment’s comfort level with technology equipped us with key strategic recommendations on how the client could create a phone targeted specifically for this segment.