research service

Market in View provides primary research, analysis, and actionable recommendations for companies regarding their products, services, processes, and competition.

  1. Consumer Demand Identification
    Market-driven identification of consumer demand

    EXAMPLES: Beauty Aids, Healthcare Products, Cell Phone Push to Talk, Location-based Services, Improved cell phone ruggedness, ease of use, style, and colors

  2. Technology Development
    Use of market trends and strategic planning to provide market input into core technology development

    EXAMPLES: Phase IV Clinical Trials, Skin Care Products, Picture Messaging, 3G wireless technology, mobile JAVA

  3. Product, Feature, and Technology Sell-in
    Proven track record of using business and consumer motivations to gain partner acceptance and support of new products and features

    EXAMPLES: Weight Loss Foods, Mobile Internet, Bluetooth, Cameras built-in to cell phones, Location determining technologies

principle services

  1. Market Opportunity Analysis
    Generating an accurate picture of market demand and identifying the key market segments to target

  2. Concept and Product Testing
    Understanding consumer drivers, likes, dislikes, and intent towards new products and services to assess commercial viability, identify key strengths, and flag risk areas
    - Purchase Behavior – realizing key consumer purchase drivers in the purchase process
    - Needs Gap Analysis – identification of market needs and develoment of product concepts

  3. Consumer, Market, and Technology Trends
    Tracking evolving opportunities with regard to size, key drivers, and growth potential

  4. Total Value Chain Analysis
    Improving products and process development through examination of all stakeholders; creating buy-in of employees, executive management, partners, and customers

  5. Technology Commercialization Support
    Guiding cutting edge technologies from the lab, through development, to real market and business success
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