The objective of this study was to assess new packaging design alternatives for a specific brand of shapewear products in order to determine the preferred design, and to then understand how the initial design selection performs against other brands’ packaging in a competitive retail lineup.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2008

the approach: Over 900 women were invited by e-mail to complete an online survey. Participants initially evaluated four packaging alternatives for the client company’s shapewear product and selected a favorite, which was subsequently compared to competing brands’ packages.
the results: This study required MIV to design a questionnaire capable of capturing consumers’ packaging selections and, within the same survey, feeding those into the second portion in order to compare them against competing products. In the first step, consumers indicated their preferred packaging while assessing the overall design appeal of all four alternative packages according to colors/graphics, slenderizing aspect, simplicity/classy aspect, text and amount of information provided on package, and several other factors. The study identified correlations between age group and design preference, zeroed in on the best descriptor words for each alternative, and measured purchase intent across all package options. In step two of the survey, the preferred packaging selection was then evaluated alongside several top competitors. The degree of precision of the data provided a solid basis for recommending the packaging that would most likely support the product’s commercial success. Further, the study provided insight into the retail channels in which consumers expect to find the products evaluated, participant perceptions of how the products tested reflect their lifestyles, ratings of perceived quality and value among competing brands of shapewear, and a ranking of the most and least important packaging characteristics. A key driver analysis pinpointed brand name as a purchase driver, and the report’s ranking of preferred hosiery and shapewear brands underscored the link between brand and package preference.