Market in View performed a two phase study for a prestigious private university, to learn more about the attitudes and perceptions among alumni, friends, family and faculty toward scholarship fundraising. Through a series of focus groups, insights were gained in determining the driving force behind donations, identifying expectations and assessing the communication material. Additionally, a quantitative survey provided substantiated data on specific fundraising initiatives. Recommendations were provided to guide improvement for communications and messages from the university concerning scholarship funding.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: December 2012

the approach: Market in View conducted focus groups among current and potential donors in two cities. By probing into giving perceptions, understanding what drives any giving, and identifying the expectations among donors, Market in View gained insight on the scholarship fundraising efforts. The messaging materials from the university and a peer school were assessed to reveal the impact these have on giving to the university. In phase two, an online quantitative study was fielded with over 600 participants, all having close ties to the university. The quantitative survey also investigated the subject of gifting for specific scholarships and purposes.
the results: Through detailed analysis which combined the results from both the qualitative and quantitative phases, Market in View identified strong preferences for fundraising messaging and communications. Recommendations included changing specific language in the messaging to terminology that would better resonate with donors. Communications methods were also addressed to advise for frequency, type of communication and content included.