This study provided a detailed understanding of former users’ initial and ongoing perceptions of a cell phone-based video share service, and analyzed their reasons for discontinuing its use. The series of interviews also examined changes in the service that would have prevented turnover and improvements that would encourage churners to reconsider the service. Lastly, the study looked closely at the users’ overall likes and dislikes of the service in order to generate recommendations for future enhancement.

service: Qualitative
completion date: December 2007

the approach: A small base of the service provider’s customers who had used and then discontinued the service was recruited through e-mail and telephone invitation. In-depth telephone interviews were conducted over a period of nearly three weeks.
the results: The study uncovered details about churners’ initial reasons for adding video service capability to their service plans and their general lack of understanding of the service’s purpose and functioning, as well as their primary motives for cancellation. This data supported concise, targeted recommendations likely to increase purchase and continued use of the video service, and potentially recapture former subscribers. Specifically, recommendations included adding short, in-store demonstrations to assist customers in understanding and becoming enthusiastic about the service’s features, emphasizing key video share features in educational and consumer materials, offering a pay-per-use plan to users not wishing to be tied to a monthly video service use plan, and better managing sales techniques that do not encourage long-term subscription to and use of a given service.