This compact trial examined the likes and dislikes of a video ringtone service that allows Internet-enabled mobile phones to identify callers with personalized video clips rather than traditional ringtones. The survey determined expectations, measured ease of use and satisfaction/likelihood to purchase, tracked usage and appeal over time, and identified actionable improvements.

service: Qualitative
completion date: August 2007

the approach: Market In View leveraged its capability to recruit hard-to-reach samples by working with twenty-one teenagers, segmented into four groups of friends in two states. The teens participated in a two-week, hands-on evaluation using their own mobile phones. Following training, participants completed a survey that gauged their initial reaction to the service, then took part in the two-week trial, and finally completed a post-trial survey.
the results: Trial participants reported a generally favorable experience, and provided specific detail on most positive and negative service aspects. Study findings showed a clear variance between high post-training/pre-use expectations and purchase interest, and average post-use interest and willingness to recommend. Reasons for these lower evaluations, which provide a tangible basis for establishing client company initiatives to improve the service offering, included cost, limited availability for users of certain devices or carriers, limited content selection (based on selection available during trial), and performance problems. Participants also rated ease of use and intuitiveness, as well as most/least appealing content categories, and reported on frequency of use and importation of existing or user-created clips. Rankings of most/least important service aspects in pre- and post-trial phases deliver accurate, business-valuable insight into user experience, as well as a solid foundation for future enhancements.