This quantitative study is the third in a series of studies aimed at improving the marketing strategy for a hand held mobile gaming device. Market in View conducted in-person interviews and surveys with consumers with a wide variety of gaming interest. In a simulated retail environment, participants were led through a series of evaluations on possible point of sale demo units, videos and written text that would aid the consumer in their understanding of this gaming product.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2013


the approach: Market in View conducted mall intercept interviews with gamers who use console, cell phones or tablets with various levels of gaming engagement. A nationwide representation of participants from various market segments, including consumers who purchase gaming products as gifts, were also interviewed. After qualifying for participation, the gaming consumer was presented with a mock store shelf of demo units providing an explanation of this unique gaming product. A series of activities for each participant included ranking and rating each of the five prototype demo units, watching 4 videos with product explanations via a tablet, and reviewing images with multiple text copy. Responses for each activity were tabulated in an online survey. Survey questions focused on initial reaction and purchase intent, and highlighted any unanswered questions about the product that a consumer may still have.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis covered the various market segments and looked at the demo unit, video presentation and description text to be used on the store shelf unit. A clear winner in each category was identified. One unit that would encompass the top elements of each category was recommended for use in the marketing strategy for this gaming system.