This on-site, intercept study focused on the diner’s awareness and perceptions of a new buffet station available in 11 of the restaurant’s locations in various geographic markets. By assessing the success of this new station in multiple test markets, decisions on further implementation in additional markets could be made based on the data driven insights.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2012

the approach: By conducting on-site intercept interviews immediately following the dining experience, feedback was gathered while the experience was fresh and insights were gained on both the customer’s preferences and level of satisfaction. Responses for those diners who did and those who did not choose the new buffet station were measured to understand their menu choices. Diners were randomly selected for interview as they left the restaurant. Interviews took place in all locations concurrently, covering all 7 days of the week during both lunch and dinner hours.
the results: Market in View delivered an understanding of the clientele and the impact of the new buffet station based on the dining elements valued most, buffet stations they served from, food preferences and how often they visited. Specific recommendations were presented on the proposed expansion of the restaurant offerings and the marketing message to more efficiently reach the current audience and also attract new diners.