This quantitative research study of a Consumer Advisory Panel is conducted monthly to evaluate various aspects of a service and how customers use an application available with the service. By tracking and analyzing the customer experience with the service and app, insights are gained concerning satisfaction and how any issues encountered are ultimately resolved. Future considerations for the service and app are explored. The flexibility of the survey allows for in-depth exploration of a different topic every month, providing timely insights for the client.

service: Quantitative
completion date: October 2016

the approach: Customers, who subscribe to the service, are presented with the opportunity to participate in the advisory panel. On a monthly basis, ad-hoc topics are easily integrated into the survey and panel members are randomly surveyed. Market in View’s ability to quickly gather customer feedback and provide analysis, allows the client to make data driven decisions concerning the service and app.
the results: Through in-depth analysis, insights are quickly gained concerning the ongoing use and various monthly topics regarding the service and app. Recommendations are presented monthly concerning the key topic researched and continuous tracking of the service and app provide a long term view of the customer’s likelihood to remain a user of this service.