Market in View successfully recruited friendship groups in two major metropolitan cities to participate in a study for the dessert and snack food industry. Parents with young children who are also the primary food shopper and preparer for the household were identified, and a host parent was selected based on specific criteria. Each host encouraged friends to apply for consideration. Friends were evaluated and qualified prior to participation. Specific algorithms focusing on food purchase and consumption habits, along with basic personality traits, were used for all individuals to ensure the client’s target audience was achieved. Preliminary phone interviews were conducted to confirm respondents were articulate and would be engaged in the discussions. Participants provided valuable feedback during each of the 90-minute, in-home interviews and discussion.

service: Qualitative
completion date: November 2013

the approach: The targeting requirements for this recruit consisted of identifying four host parents in each of the two cities. To achieve a warm and personal environment, a maximum of three friends could join a discussion group. Market in View used a variety of traditional and creative methodologies to recruit the needed groups of parents. Full participation in the study required a 90-minute commitment plus the completion of a homework assignment prior to the start of the discussion.
the results: Market in View was able to identify and qualify individuals for a total of eight friendship groups. By recruiting parents who were both forthcoming and articulate, valuable insights were gained for this particular dessert and snack food.