Market in View provides rapid feedback on newly launched products where Buyers and Returners of a device are tracked, creating a comprehensive view of the product’s early performance in the marketplace. By developing a common survey and a custom web portal (built in-house), surveys are administered quickly and a multitude of devices are tracked simultaneously. In 2012, over 40 devices were tracked with this online technique, yielding easily understood product insights.

service: Quantitative
completion date: December 2012

the approach: Market in View is regularly provided with the client’s list of Buyers and Returners. By using a smartphone friendly format, survey participation rates are increased. Tracking a multitude of devices over a period of years has generated millions of data points. From this enormous amount of data, meaningful information is analyzed and presented in the easy-to-use, client facing portal.
the results: Even with continuous fielding and an extremely large data set, clients are able to access their product data and fully analyzed metrics shortly after launch. The client facing portal enables complex inquiries to be easily achieved, for one product or a set of products. Market in View’s prompt analysis and feedback allows for a swift data driven response to the marketplace.