This study was conducted as a two-part survey of 80 trial users of a mobile-phone based club savings program in order to determine the effectiveness of the service’s text messages in helping participants achieve optimal use. The survey provided insight into users’ purchase behavior, and clarified potential program improvements as well as overall satisfaction.

service: Qualitative, Market Trial
completion date: June 2007

the approach: Participants had both prior purchase experience and interest in the program concept. Participants received two text messages, a five-day “Welcome” message and a 30-day Reminder message, and subsequently provided survey responses that determined the recall and impact of each message.
the results: Participants’ responses to the two surveys demonstrated the superior effectiveness of the content and links contained in the initial message; a greater number of participants demonstrated unaided recall of this initial message, and was motivated to use program credits as a direct result. A significant percentage of replies indicated an overall lack of awareness of remaining program credits and credit expiration dates, suggesting that easily made improvements such as credit balance reminders and an increased emphasis on credit expiration could help members achieve optimal use of the program and enhance their satisfaction.