This study measured the appeal of a subscription-based service for tracking mobile devices. The project examined key metrics of the service, determined the overall best visual representation of tracked areas for the user interface, and quantified the dynamic between service accuracy and satisfaction.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2009

the approach: Current and former subscribers to the tracking service received e-mail invitations to complete the online survey.
the results: This project assessed key measures for a recently launched service for tracking mobile devices, and compared consumer preferences for various data presentation options of tracking results. This analysis revealed the best choice for visual presentation, a key feature tied to current satisfaction, as well as potential future interest in the service. Further, Market in View effectively quantified the relationship between service accuracy and satisfaction by gauging consumer reactions to a variety of result distance ranges. These findings, as well as participants’ direct verbatims regarding areas of potential improvement, supported recommendations for client action on accuracy, specific features, and cost. A respondent base composed of current and former users allowed Market in View to integrate feedback from both groups into its client recommendations at the conclusion of the study. Finally, the study gave an indication of ongoing expectations by examining consumers’ plans for future use, their interest in bundling with other mobile enhancement services, and the potential impact of new features on their interest in the service.