In this research project involving a collaboration of three leading companies in the IT and telecommunications sectors, Market in View assessed the appeal and potential market success of two unique devices within the new category of ultra-mobile personal computing. This project encompassed a full concept testing phase, as well as a user trial lasting eight weeks and periodic surveys to monitor consumer reactions.

service: Quantitative, Market Trial
completion date: December 2008

the approach: First stage: Market in View moderators worked with approximately 300 prescreened adults and 60 children (ages 5-15) in two cities to conduct quantitative concept testing of both study devices; adults completed an online survey following a moderator-led concept review, and children completed a written survey with moderator assistance. Second stage: Eight-week, in-home trial with one of the devices, followed by online surveys at one, four and eight weeks of use; additional data was collected from actual usage logs.
the results: This study synthesized findings from a variety of research approaches to provide data critical to guiding client companies’ development initiatives. Concept testing: The analysis examined brand impact, top features, projected usage, and potential for device adoption at various price points. The findings also include adult and child perceptions of each device, supplier preferences, and assessment/ranking of various attributes. User trial: Following a subsequent in-home trial, a series of online surveys — completed at one, four and eight weeks of use — tracked appeal, ongoing consumer engagement, and function/use of data services of one of the devices. This ongoing testing permitted the capture of fluctuations in purchase intent, and indicated whether various specific price points were too high or low to sustain market success. System logs recorded usage as a supplement to users’ self-reported data.