This two-phase study determined a group of unique “best” statements for each of four new product categories. Iterative focus groups worked to improve positioning and benefit statements for each of the categories, and top statements were then evaluated through highly secure, quantitative in-person interviews.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2010

the approach: A series of focus groups were conducted to develop and refine the group of candidate statements in an Initial Quantitative Phase. Then among 1300 respondents in a Quantitative Phase, the candidate statements were evaluated and statistically valid “winners” were determined.
the results: Using direct and indirect analytical methods, Market in View determined unique “best” positioning, benefit, feature and service statements for each of four product categories. In the project’s first phase, consumers, product marketing experts and copywriters collaborated in iterative focus group sessions to enhance proposed statements. The resulting top statements were then assessed and preferentially rated by over 1300 respondents to determine projectable results for each category. Additionally, Market in View employed word- and phrase-level analysis techniques to determine potential wording refinement. Due to the pre-commercialization state of the products, the quantitative phase was also conducted in a highly secure, in-person manner to safeguard the confidentiality of the statements as well as the stimuli.