Market in View performed an initial Qualitative study to determine interest in proposed enhancements for a video service used on mobile devices. A total of four focus groups (two age groups in two cities) participated in market research to better understand how customers would use the service. A follow-up Quantitative study was conducted using insights gained from the Qualitative study. Four different user groups were surveyed online to gauge the impact that offering the additional video features would have for customers. Analysis by market segment provided valuable demographic information for those most interested in this feature. Issues of concern were revealed, allowing the client to address them before incorporating any of the changes being considered.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: April 2014

the approach: Focus groups were recruited to provide the initial reaction to the enhancements. The subsequent Quantitative study determined understanding, interest, and impact of the concepts. Additionally, four targeted groups of users were identified based on their current mobile computing habits. By presenting specific concepts to multiple user groups, a clear understanding of the pros and cons for this service was revealed. Analysis within each of the target segments defined a message that would appeal across segments.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis identified the key strengths and weaknesses consumers perceived with the video service, along with the most effective marketing message. The client has been able to use this information as they hone their strategy for product enhancement.