As a follow up to a purchase barrier qualitative study, Market in View performed this quantitative study with highly engaged gamers to better understand the broader consumer opportunities for a unique, hand-held, mobile gaming device. In order to identify the best market opportunities and associated marketing approach, data from multiple market segments was analyzed. By understanding the gaming consumer, recommendations were provided that quantified the market opportunities and identified the number of models and the price relationship between the models. The marketing message and methods were honed to attract the target markets.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2013

the approach: Market in View surveyed gamers who use console, cell phones or tablets with various levels of gaming engagement. The gaming consumer had little existing knowledge of this gaming system and the models offered. Additionally, consumers are skeptical of the performance claims. By testing value proposition statements within each of the three target segments, a definite market message that would appeal across segments was identified. Specific elements of the gaming experience that contribute to skepticism of the gamer were identified, along with methods to overcome these objections and reassure the gamer of the exceptional quality of this gaming system.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis led to recommending a specific model on which to focus marketing efforts, with a marketing message to appeal across segments. The total number of models to offer and the price differentiation among the models was included in the recommendation. The client’s concerns over the need for ‘proof of performance’ were addressed with a clear strategy that will alleviate this issue by demonstrating and educating the gamer on this unique gaming experience.