This online study analyzed various product marketing/advertising concept statements and determined which resonated most effectively with niche consumer segments in order to direct future marketing efforts. Consumers who met criteria for volume of calls to three specific international regions evaluated concepts and identified key interest drivers for each.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2010

the approach: A large respondent base of consumers who had placed calls to target geographical locations was invited to participate. Participants reviewed and rated landline and mobile calling service descriptions based on a monadic rotation of concept statement pairs.
the results: Callers to three different international areas reviewed telecom product concept statements in order to identify the most compelling message for each target market. Responses were segmented by geographical region, and revealed each segment’s preferred concept statement, purchase intent, primary benefits, and diagnostic measures associated with each statement. Detailed analysis and reporting of consistent measures across all segments allowed Market in View to fully understand each group’s usage behavior and reactions to concept statements, and to issue business recommendations for a customized marketing approach likely to be successful for each niche segment.