Market in View fielded this one of a kind in-person, hands-on device evaluation study among 300 respondents in two days. This study measured purchase intent of approximately ten tablets and determined the optimal set of devices to be offered in a market portfolio. This intense fast-paced study honed in on key decision factors for interest, pricing, messaging and distribution, providing the client an actionable go-to-market strategy.

service: Quantitative
completion date: April 2011

the approach: This study gathered data from 300 respondents in a classroom-type setting allowing respondents to touch, feel, hold, test and play with the devices and then participate in an online survey during the evaluation. The study was developed to measure interest, purchase intent and messaging/positioning appeal that could only be obtained by a hands-on evaluation, given the physical differences in the current tablet portfolio available on the market today. Market in View used TURF analysis to also provide a market simulation to further evaluate the nuances of the tablet market by quantifying the benefits and risks of each device on a micro and a macro level and the cannibalization efforts of each on the other devices.
the results: In an emerging technology market, Market in View was able to develop unprecedented learnings about the key benefits of pursuing this business opportunity. This study had three distinct sections of results; purchase drivers and intent for each tablet, best positioning for the category and an overall market segmentation portfolio recommendation. Based on these results, Market in View was also able to evaluate revenue potential based on the optimal mix of tablets to offer.