Market in View conducted a form factor and design study with 125 in-person evaluations over two days. This hands-on evaluation identified preference across different models along with purchase intent. Since a diverse geographic and demographic distribution was required, Market in View sought out a central location that could satisfy all the parameters for the study participants.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2012

the approach: A hands-on evaluation was conducted with a balance of age, gender, ethnicity, and national representation across the U.S. Participants were able to touch, feel and hold the various devices and an online survey was used to collect data for measuring key ratings on form factor preferences and purchase intent. One-on-one interviews were conducted to provide greater insights into perceptions and attitudes. The rapid execution of these evaluations provided real-time feedback to be used in analysis for this fast paced industry.
the results: Through a detailed analysis combining insights from the hands-on tactile evaluations, the online survey, and the in-person interviews, Market in View identified a strong device preference. Recommendations were presented, revealing the ideal form factor with the broadest market appeal and the associated drivers for this choice.