Market in View has fielded this online tracking study for over eight years, interviewing more than 2000 customers each week, after the purchase of a new device. Purchase experience, purchase drivers, key product metrics and consumer profiling are all key deliverables.

service: Quantitative
completion date: February 2016

the approach: Using client-provided buyers lists, survey invitations are emailed weekly to a randomly selected sub-set of buyers within one week of device purchase. The online survey is “mobile friendly”, allowing for easy completion on smartphones and thus increased cooperation rates. Additionally, the weekly reporting utilizes a semi-automated approach to provide the best of timely results and careful analysis. This overall approach provides both high quality and timely data for client review and response.
the results: A fully analyzed report is available just 10 days after launch each week. Quick-turn reporting plus contact with customers shortly after purchase, have allowed potential issues to be quickly identified and investigations or corrective actions to be implemented. With the extremely large data set (over a million interviews to date), annual cyclic trends as well as multi-year changes in the market have been identified to aid in the device’s market planning.