Market in View performed this quantitative study with both decision makers and end users of a specific type of communications system to better understand their satisfaction with their current system and their intentions for future upgrades. The challenge was to understand why an already released system with superior technology had not been embraced by the market. By understanding the perspectives of two groups involved with the system, recommendations were provided that would highlight the benefits of the new system and address barriers for purchase. The marketing message was honed to attract and influence the decision makers for purchase.

service: Quantitative
completion date: October 2014

the approach: Through a national panel, Market in View identified and surveyed purchase decision makers and heavy end users of a radio based internal communication system. Insight was gained concerning their satisfaction with the current system and plans for future upgrades. The industry had little existing knowledge of the benefits associated with a new system on the market. Additionally, there were concerns surrounding the performance, reliability, and cost. A definitive market message that would appeal to the decision makers was identified. Specific elements of the new system that contribute to skepticism were identified, along with methods to overcome these objections and reassure the industry of the exceptional quality of the newer technology.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis led to recommending specific messages on which to focus marketing efforts and the industry areas most likely to convert to the newer technology. A clear strategy that will alleviate the concerns of switching technologies for the industry was provided.