Sales and support channels were studied to understand why many customers are choosing traditional channels versus an online option. Specifically, Market in View studied the customer experience using the customary channels of visiting a retail store or calling customer service to identify ways to drive customers towards the client’s preferred channel of online self-service.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: July 2015

the approach: Market in View’s multifaceted approach investigated the traditional sales and support channels of visiting a retail store and calling customer service. The study methodology involved three strategies: in-person store interviews, an online survey, and in-depth telephone interviews. Retail store intercept surveys in eight markets were conducted while a concurrent online quantitative survey transpired. The study culminated with qualitative telephone interviews with participants who opted-in for an in-depth exploration of their sales/service experience.
the results: By comparing the motivation and experience of customers seeking sales and service with the in-person channels of visiting a retail store or calling customer service versus utilizing an online channel, the pros and cons of each channel were revealed. Market in View was able to recommend specific improvements that would drive customers to choose the more cost efficient route of online self-service.