Market in View is in the second year of conducting this nationwide monthly tracking study which focuses on the reasons prompting a customer to either request a specific service or discontinue this service with the vendor. By measuring the frequency of changing vendors and monitoring the perceptions and behaviors of those who switch, insights are gained in the marketplace.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2014

the approach: Market in View conducts monthly online surveying of customers who have made a change in their vendor for this service. A total annual base of approximately 30,000 includes those who are new service customers and those who are choosing to discontinue the service.
the results: By tracking the reasons for changing providers over time, trend data can be highlighted and acted upon for improved customer satisfaction and retention. Questions about topics of current interest are easily integrated into the monthly survey, providing an enormous amount of flexibility for this study. Market in View offers ongoing custom support and ad-hoc analysis as part of this tracking study.