This mobile computing marketplace study assessed the interest of expanding the use of a current OS system onto a tablet computer device. To provide guidance in the development of this device, Market in View analyzed purchase considerations including price point, processor options, and brand preferences. By identifying and analyzing consumer interest and purchase intentions, a launch strategy was recommended that would leverage the current penetration and success of this OS.

service: Quantitative
completion date: August 2012

the approach: In this marketplace study, Market in View surveyed 2500 participates concerning overall interest in the use of this specific OS on tablet computers. By providing online responders with a concept description of the OS, which included a short video, valuable insights were gained about user opinions, perceptions, and purchase interest of the new tablet OS. Profiling of those interested in the operating system was conducted to better understand key market segments and position the OS tablet for optimal growth.
the results: Within the battleground for OS share, Market in View identified the specific market appeals for each of the 3 major OS systems in the market and provided key insights for the market placement of the proposed OS tablet computer. By analyzing perceptions and evaluating how tablet owners would use the key features of OS tablet device, Market in View quantified the potential for market share. Purchase drivers, brand preferences, and optimal price points were all determined and presented as recommendations for a clear strategy for this OS tablet.