Market in View performed a multi-phase study for a prestigious private university among almost 1700 students, parents and high school guidance counselors to better understand the effectiveness of admissions communications, allowing the client to optimize marketing collateral to increase appeal among students and parents, as well as counselors.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: June 2012

the approach: This three-phase study started with a series of six focus groups among college freshmen to assess the appeal and effectiveness of both current and potential admissions collateral materials. The second phase was an online quantitative survey among three different sub-segments (current students, prospective students and parents of prospective students). This concept test phase measured diagnostics among four creative concepts for admissions collateral to assess appeal with students for taglines, illustrations, distribution timing and method of future marketing communications. The final phase was a quantitative online survey among high school guidance counselors to understand optimal timing and effectiveness of the undergraduate research process, in order to better position the university for upcoming application consideration.
the results: This study was able to capture powerful creative insights on what various stakeholders expect from admissions communications. Market in View was then able to test these insights quantitatively, guide the university on how to best optimize future marketing communication decisions and increase interest among students, parents and counselors. Understanding the optimal timing and method of distribution provided insight into the college admissions process, allows the university to communicate more effectively and manage costs to meet budget requirements.